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Orb Ponderer

by Mountainwolf

Paranoid 07:08
Orb Ponderer 14:08
Spacecrawler 18:32
Desert Power 18:24


ORB PONDERER is a live and improvised E.P. by Mountainwolf. Every song is completely made up in real time as you're watching or listening. To be played note for note again is an impossibility.

Special Thanks to all Patrons Past and Present:
Sean Foster
Josiah Canzanella
Tucker Hinkel
Jack Moxon
Ben Gore
Thomas Georgian

All songs improvised and performed by Mountainwolf
Chris Gipple
Thomas Coster
Tyler Vaillant

Filmed and Edited by Tyler Vaillant

Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Tyler Vaillant

Paranoid - Everyone is always trying to escape the thought police. Their existence is confirmed, the paranoia is justified. We must escape.

Orb Ponderer - We have found solace in the pondering of a magical orb, filled with the infinite possibilities created by harmonic distortion. The distortions have allowed our escape.

Spacecrawler - Off into the void of space. Encountering of psychedelic space caterpillars is inevitable. Just one of the many possibilities of infinity. Galactic pest control is called upon. The poison must remain away from the dogs. The spice must flow. Crash.

Desert power- On our great escape from the paranoia harshness of reality has found us at the immense fortitude of the
d e s e r t. Trying to find love, but it's so hard when love doesn't accept you. Ride on. Ride on. Off into forever.

After Party - The after party never ends. It is always going on. You're stuck with us. It's an infinite loop. The machine elves are with you. Welcome.

"Paranoid, starts out similarly to a song you might hear from another Mountainwolf song, and that's because it was improvised during a rehearsal of the song "The Jam" from Mountainwolfs 2015 album The Silk Road. After the first minute of the song the style of the album was defined to me as a 'heavy metal jam.' Tyler Vaillant starts singing and I believed I was listening to a drunken jam session of Heroin 1991. After 4 minutes into the 7 minute song, I began to notice a little more funky twang that I haven't heard from Mountainwolfs previous projects. I was informed that all the songs on this album were self recorded, mixed and mastered by Tyler Vaillant. All of these songs were also completely made up on the spot during Mountainwolfs rehearsals. This format is possibly the only time we will ever hear these songs. Interesting concept.

Orb Ponder, Song starts out heavy. Good hard drums slow and easy to dance to. There are soulful guitar solos throughout the song and it is an easy way to take the mood to sentimental recollection.

If I already didn't know the name to Spacecrawler, the first sound of the song would make me envision a cosmological awakening, that starts moving fast. The upbeat nature of this song makes it a good addition to the album.

Desert power felt like the direct aftermath. Until the first accidental, when you realize you might still be in the equation that Spacecrawler created. The end of the song had me yearning for more of a system within the album, that I felt I was no longer connected to.

After party at the Dustbowl is also what it sounds like. An entr'acte of the album put into a grunge heavy metal jam. Midway through the song there is an energy and technology to the song that bring the future of machines to the dawn of the hunt. The song ended abruptly and unexpectedly compared to the other songs on the album.

Overall the the album was a good thing to listen to. The rigidness of parts of the album make the tempo and rhythm frustrating to beat but once you let the music take over, it enters you. You will feel it and know where to go. " JW



Mountainwolf has just finished recording their third full length record, Part One: Thunder Honey with renowned engineer, J Robbins of Magpie Cage in Baltimore Maryland. Mountainwolf is anticipating a 2022 release for this record.

Mountainwolf is Thomas Coster (drums), Chris Gipple (bass), and Tyler Vaillant (guitar/vocals)

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released April 9, 2022


all rights reserved



Mountainwolf Maryland

Mountainwolf is:

Tyler Vaillant
Chris Gipple
Tom Coster

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